This is a notice to inform any existing clients or any prospected clients to no longer place orders.
It's not that bad, read on.

I am currently in fourth year Electronic Engineering, back in second year I had the time to do business and run around to clients. I can no longer do that, either I am studying for some test or I'm working on project, and as my project leader had put it, I should get my priorities in order. I have taken it to heart.

I will still sell things, but not all of it. I still have thousands of LED's, but I just don't have the time for it. Arduinos and breakout boards sure, its in a nice packet I can just carry around, but to count 90 LED's for someone is just wasting time for me. I will list alternative vendors below:
  1. Communica

    They are terrible, hardly has stock and service is poor, but if one of the guys below doesn't have it might as well try.
  2. Lantis

    Great. Not far from campus, helped me well the one time I was there, and as far as I can tell the closest to the operation I ran, which is lowest possible prices to beat anyone elses prices. They helped my out of a situation when I needed something badly, so I'd say they are pretty decent and should be the first place you look if searching for something.
  3. Electronics 123

    The shop that sparked my interest in electronics, right down the road from my old high school. They are fairly decent, has a little bit of everything. Not the best prices, but they have some pretty interesting things that some of the other vendors don't have.
  4. Botshop

    I only recently discovered this place. They are quite cheap and will provide you with some valuable knowledge if you ask. They are quite small, like Lantis, but same story. Try to beat everyone elses prices by keeping it low. Nice guys, would definitely recommend.

Kind Regards