Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I contact Lawrence?

A: Either by Whatsapp using the number given below, or using the link which will take you to a pre-filled chat. Upon following the link, and sending the message, an automated message will be sent back confirming LawTech and we will engage in direct conversation with you.

Whatsapp at +27817034750, or

We may also be contacted via email:
Q: How does payment work?

A: You could either pay Cash with personal deliveries, or you could do an EFT to Lawrence's Capitec Bank account with account number 1145333697. See the Policy page at the bottom of this page.
Q: If I see something I want to buy, do I really have to make a cart?

A: No. The cart is for administrative purposes for those who would like an invoice. If you just notify me of what you want, that would be sufficient.
Q: Where do I get my stuff?

A: If you prefer we could courier it, although we are not involved with the couriering and the costs are carried by the client solely. Goods may also be collected in and around the University of Pretoria Hatfield campus, preferably the Engineering side of campus.

LawTech reserves the right to refuse service to any person with or without a reason.View the complete LawTech Policy hereLawTech ©2016-2020