The LawTech Policy

The following are in reference to the Service(s) and/or Products(s) being provided by Lourens van Niekerk TA(Trading As) LawTech:
  1. LawTech reserves the right to deny service to any client with or without any valid reason.
  2. LawTech offers no guarantee on any of our appliances or electronic components. All our products have been tested by ourselves and have been approved as working devices/components. If the product(s) are not in a working order, it will most definitely have been the circuit or working area or human error that have caused the problem.
The following are in reference to the Payments to Lourens van Niekerk TA LawTech:
  1. The LawTech bank account information:
    Card holderLourens van Niekerk
    BankCapitec Bank
    Account Number1145333697
  2. Payments must be done and confirmed prior to any products being dispatched to the client.
  3. LawTech, as any other division of, do not offer credit. All payments must be done as cash payments (either EFT, card machine or physical currency)
  4. LawTech, as any other instance of, accepts both South African Rand - ZAR, and United States Dollars - USD. If the payment is accepted in USD, the rate at which the payment occured MUST be the equivalent to the ZAR value. If a payment in USD is done and the equivalent ZAR value is inconsistent with the rate between ZAR and USD at that time, the payment will be remunerated and product(s) and/or service(s) will not be delivered.
The following are in reference to Copyright, Infringement and Proprietary & Intellectual Property of Lourens van Niekerk TA LawTech:
  1. Any circuits designed by LawTech is proprietary to Lourens van Niekerk TA LawTech.
  2. Any consultation given on circuits or systems or any other form of aid given, including but not limited to electrics or electronics, are proprietary to Lourens van Niekerk TA LawTech.
  3. Any Circuit or system designed by LawTech or any of it's Employees or Independant Contractors or Interns are Proprietary to Lourens van Niekerk.
  4. Any layout, blueprint, circuit, design or system ever created by LawTech or above named associates, are proprietary to Lourens van Niekerk.
  5. In the event that Infringement of the aforesaid Proprietary material be used elsewhere, either for profit or non-profit purposes, without clear instruction which may only be authorised by Lourens van Niekerk STRICLY by written contract and EXCLUDING verbal contract, Lourens van Niekerk may open a court case regarding violation of Copyright AND/OR Infringement AND/OR Theft of Intellectual Property OF aforesaid Proprietary material/Intellectual Property.
  6. In the event that Lourens van Niekerk, and only Lourens van Niekerk, which does not include any other instance of Lourens van Niekerk or any of his associates or Employees or Independant Contractors or Interns, has authorised a SINGLE party involved to use the aforesaid material, and this agreement have been reached by STRICTLY using a written contract (verbal contract are completely void in any instance of Lourens van Niekerk, and only written agreements will ever be recognised as real contracts undersigned by Lourens van Niekerk), then the party involved may use the aforesaid material to the extent that they may desire, or as specified on the previously mentioned written contract.
The following pertrains strictly to the usage of certain proprietary terms and codes:
  1. LawTech will not use the codes of any private or public institution without the formal application and approval from the head authority of said institution.
  2. LawTech does however offer an open platform for discussions and sharing of information, and LawTech as a whole does not take responsibility for ANY of previously mentioned terms or codes in these discussion chats and/or forums.
  3. LawTech will therefore not use any such terms or codes in their private endevours, but can not prevent any public citizen to use such terms and/or codes in public interaction on the open-source platform of LawTech.

LawTech reserves the right to refuse service to any person with or without a reason.View the complete LawTech Policy hereLawTech ©2016-2020